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Total Synthesis of C30 Botryococcene and epi‐Botryococcene by a Diastereoselective Ring Opening of Alkenylcyclopropanes


Synthesis, Structural Reassignment, and Antibacterial Evaluation of 2,18‐Seco‐Lankacidinol B


Editorial – Empowering Students to Innovate: Engagement in Organic Chemistry Teaching

I recently had the pleasure of competing for the Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching given biennially by Baylor University. In preparing for the competition, I spent considerable time reflecting on my own past experiences as a student, as well as the key philosophies that have helped to transform organic chemistry—often dreaded by students—into one of the most popular classes on the UCLA campus. In this Guest Editorial, I focus on just one key aspect, which involves capturing the extraordinary potential of our students to innovate.

As a “pre‐med” student at NYU, I took chemistry courses out of necessity. “OChem” in particular was reputed to be an intense weed‐out class that required exhaustive memorization and regurgitation of information. On our first day of class in 1997, Professor Yorke Rhodes convinced us otherwise. He told tales of the great contemporary organic chemists who were educated at NYU, such as Professors Eric Jacobsen and Al Myers, along with recent graduate Phil Baran, who was already a rising star in graduate school at the time.

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Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (+)‐Plumisclerin A


Total Synthesis of Epicolactone


From Natural Product Reports

Hot off the Press

A personal selection of 32 recent papers is presented covering various aspects of current developments in bioorganic chemistry and novel natural products such as huperphlegmine A from Huperzia phlegmaria.

Graphical abstract: Hot off the Press

From the Journal of Natural Products

Medermycin-Type Naphthoquinones from the Marine-Derived Streptomyces sp. XMA39


From ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Marine Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry