Recent Articles – Oct, 12th 2018

From ACS Central Science

Imaging Mass Spectrometry Reveals Crosstalk between the Fallopian Tube and the Ovary that Drives Primary Metastasis of Ovarian Cancer


This is a great project and a great paper by Laura Sanchez group! A worthwhile reading.

From Chemical Reviews

Production and Synthetic Modifications of Shikimic Acid

From the Journal of Natural Products


Matrine-Type Alkaloids from the Roots of Sophora flavescens and Their Antiviral Activities against the Hepatitis B Virus


Spatial Distribution of Collections Yielding Marine Natural Products


Auranthine, a Benzodiazepinone from Penicillium aurantiogriseum: Refined Structure, Absolute Configuration, and Cytotoxicity


Irpeksins A–E, 1,10-seco-Eburicane-Type Triterpenoids from the Medicinal Fungus Irpex lacteus and Their Anti-NO Activity


From the Journal of the American Chemical Society

Oriented-External Electric Fields Create Absolute Enantioselectivity in Diels–Alder Reactions: Importance of the Molecular Dipole Moment


This seems to be an incredibly important breakthrough.

From Nature

First report of antimicrobial resistance pre-dates penicillin

This is a very interesting story.

How seventeenth-century sisters broke the mould on scientific illustration


How to write a thorough peer review


I highly reccomend the reading of this Nature paper. Well thought.

From Organic Letters

Stereodivergent Total Synthesis of Hapalindoles, Fischerindoles, Hapalonamide H, and Ambiguine H Alkaloids by Developing a Biomimetic, Redox-Neutral, Cascade Prins-Type Cyclization


Theionbrunonines A and B: Dimeric Vobasine Alkaloids Tethered by a Thioether Bridge from Mostuea brunonis


Synthesis and Characterization of Anguibactin To Reveal Its Competence To Function as a Thermally Stable Surrogate Siderophore for a Gram-Negative Pathogen, Acinetobacter baumannii


Plagiochianins A and B, Two ent-2,3-seco-Aromadendrane Derivatives from the Liverwort Plagiochila duthiana


From Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Chlorophyll Breakdown in a Fern—Discovery of Phyllobilin Isomers with a Rearranged Carbon Skeleton


Thinking Outside the Box—Novel Antibacterials To Tackle the Resistance Crisis


Computational Studies on Biosynthetic Carbocation Rearrangements Leading to Quiannulatene: Initial Conformation Regulates Biosynthetic Route, Stereochemistry, and Skeleton Type


Total Syntheses of Asperchalasines A–E


Genome Editing Reveals Novel Thiotemplated Assembly of Polythioamide Antibiotics in Anaerobic Bacteria


Structure, Total Synthesis, and Biosynthesis of Chloromyxamides: Myxobacterial Tetrapeptides Featuring an Uncommon 6‐Chloromethyl‐5‐methoxypipecolic Acid Building Block


From the European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Synthesis and biological evaluation of (modified) miuraenamides

From Chemistry World

Chemistry World is the dissemination journal edited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. I consider some Chemistry World articles as of interest to the scientific community.

Wanted: chemistry’s next superstar – The drop in chemistry undergraduates highlights the need for more inspirational scientists

Time to rewrite the textbooks – How science corrects is an important lesson in the classroom

From folklore to pharmacy

Artificial intelligence seeks out new anticancer drugs – A combination of machine learning methods yields promising results for drug discovery

Novartis exit from antibiotics a setback for race against resistance

Derek Barton and shape-shifting molecules